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The technology industry is one of the fastest growing industries, today.  From general computer sells, to real home based internet business Internet access, the masses of people are getting Online.  At one point only the wealthy could afford computers and Internet Access. 

Now more and more people through out the world are getting computers.  Free Internet accessis so easy to get.  As a matter of fact, I was in a local discount store and they were handing me totally free service in the form of a CD-ROM. 

Just about everyone I know are on the Net.  You are able to keep in contact with people from all over the world, at the cost of just pennies a day.  So, with this in mind, using the Internet to grow your real home based internet business start-up or existing small business will eventually be a must. 

There is enough space on the web to accommodate anyone who wishes to become a part of it.   The future growth of the web is infinite. 

Which means if you can convince the right target market of people to visit your web site.  You could possible make a great deal of money at it. 

Setting Up A Real Home Based Internet Business

There are a lot of web designers that can design a site for you.  You will need to contact them and tell them what you want and are willing to pay them for their services. 

It is best that you learn a little bit about web designing yourself, so that you can have an idea about the computer language of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).  Or maybe just simply learning the very basics of it, by purchasing a program that will write it for you.

A good thing to do is to look at some of your competitors web sites to see what their sites look like.  This can give you some ideas about what you want your site to look like. 

It seems like most of the more successful sites are using a white background or a light colored one.  They also seem to layer their text and everything on top of the white background. 

Therefore, creating a focal point for people to notice.  Making there eyes focus on certain objects on the page.  These are the objects you want people to see. 

There are a few programs that are available and work nicely for the novice HTML writer.  Or writer that wants a program to do all of the writing for them.  Microsoft FrontPage is one of the best for this purpose.  And Microsoft Publisher is also a good one as well. 

You will need to take a little time to learn the program you choose.   All of them come with help icons in them that can answer most of your questions. Or you can purchase a training book from a computer or electronics store that can answer a lot of the questions for you also.

Now that you have your web site finished, you are ready to down load it on the Internet.

You will need to hire a web Internet service provider (ISP).  This is a company that makes it possible for you to load your web site on the net. 

Once you have selected a Internet service provider.  The first thing you will need to do is choose a name for your site.  For example, tlmanage is the name of our Corporate site.  It was available so we bought it. 

If the name you chose is not available, you will have to pick another one. Second, you will need to check to see if your name is available. Most of the web providers have a name search on their web site so that you can see if your name is available for you to use. 

It is a good idea to have several names picked out, just in case some has already purchased the name you have chosen. 

When choosing a dot-com name it is best to pick one that is not real long.  This is because a shorter name is a lot easier to remember.  You don't want it to be hard for people to type it on their computers.  I suggest ten letters or less.  And it should match the theme of your site.

How do you come up with a name?  The way we can up was by just simply abbreviating my companies name from The very long Total Life Management Company to the pretty short name of which is much easier to remember and a lot less to type.

Your ISP will set up the dot-com name and also create the space you will need for your site. 

Your web writer or HTML writer program will have a web-publishing wizard that will down load it to the Internet for you.  This part of your program is called File Transfer Protocol (FTP). 

Once you have your site on the World Wide Web (WWW) you will be ready to start marketing your business.

Make sure that there are not any mistakes on your site.  Go through it and check everything.  You absolutely don't want anyone to visit your site and submit buttons and links not work. 

That would probably be the last time they would visit it.  Plus they will probably go and tell everyone they know with a computer how bad your site was. 

How Do We Get People To Come To  Your Real Home Based interent Business 

Simply because you have a web site doesn't guarantee people will come.  Just like with any other business you need to find ways to get your name out to the public so that you will have an idea of who you are and what you sell.

You simply need to Market, Market, and Market!

You simply need to Sell, Sell, and Sell!

If you want to Succeed, Succeed and Succeed!

You need to find strategic ways to get people to come to our site. You need to market and advertise so that people will know about us.

Sign up on all of the top search engines.  Here is a list of some of them:

Another way is to put in small classified ads in trade magazines newspapers and local journals.  Write a press release to the local news media small and large.

How To Keep People Coming Back To Your Site

Once you get people coming to your site you need to do everything possible to make them want to visit it again.  You need to give them something worth coming back for.

You can:

Have a daily or weekly contests where you are giving away a prize of $25 or less.

Provide a lot of information on your site.

Compelling Content

Answer your e-mail daily.

Update your site often.

Have an e-zine.

Why Cyberspace To Your Real Home Based Internet Business

Why Not? One of the reasons so many real home based internet business entrepreneurs are succeeding on the net is because, the little guy can compete with the big guy. 

Whenever you log on to a web site that you have never visited or heard if in the past. 

Think about it? 

Do you know if that business is a multimillion dollar a day business or a hundred dollar a business a day business?  And, think about this.  What difference does it make if they are doing for you what they are supposed to be doing for you? 

That is the reality of Cyberspace.

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Real Home Based Internet Business 
The technology industry is one of the fastest growing industries, today.  From general computer sells, to real home based internet business Internet access, the masses of people are getting Online.  At one point only the wealthy could afford computers and Internet Access

Start Home Based Business
This is a list of the final steps you will need to do before you start a home based business
. You need to file a fictitious business name (DBA),doing business as.

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