Best Home Based Business Idea

Everything starts with a successful home based business ideas...

Next, you have to have a plan...

Then, you have to implement your plan...

Then you have to take the steps to make it successful...

Self Publishing- is to write books that you publish yourself...

This is by far the best home based business idea that a person can start. The reason this is the best home based business idea is because you will enjoy it so much. You can be as creative as you want to be.

The reason the Internet is so successful is because people want information, this is the age of information.  You can use the internet to grow your business ideas.

So if you write and publish information, you're doing exactly what people want.  All you have to do is write a book, edit it, copyright it, print it, market it and you are set.

Well, it's not really that easy, but you do get the just of what I'm saying, right...

Distributorship- a person that distributes goods to consumers or dealers...

This is also one of the best home based business ideas that you can use as a business type. The way this business works is you basically buy into a company and become a Distributor (Dealer) and sell there product line.  This is a great business for someone who doesn't want to manufacture their own product.

Most of these companies are already well know and have a good track record, plus they also have a mapped out marketing plan.  

...My Story...

Back in the early 90s, I was introduced to a water filtering MLM company that really caught my eyes at that time.  The person that introduced me to it is still going strong at it.

At one point he and his wife was making approximately $20,000 a month.  They both made it to the top level of that business.  He was the strongest seller of the two of them so he put his self under her in the structure so that he could not only boost his sells but also hers. 

Need less to say, I did not stick with it... 

It would take me some six years or so working for someone else before I came to the reality that owning my own business was the way to go.

Service Industry- these are business that sell a service not actual product.

This is the best home based business idea if you are a person that like to be right in the hustle and the bustle of the everyday operations of your business and also do the work too. This industry can include any type of service that can be done without actual tangible product. 

For example; a Cleaning Service, with a cleaning service you will need a vehicle and all the cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment at hand. 

You are kind of like the product by performing your service.  Your customers are not buying an actual product, but a service.  A Lawn Service, A Tree Trimming Service, A Secretarial Service, A Carpet Cleaning Service etc.

These are just a few businesses that really don't require that much inventory at hand to get started and to keep it going.

Flea Market - an indoor or outdoor bazaar dealing mainly in cheap, secondhand good...

This is the perfect home based business of you like storing you business at your home and taking it on the road to local or far away flea markets to sell your goods.

...My Story...

When I was about 18 years old, I worked for a lady at all of the big Flea Markets in the St. Louis area. What I did was basically, pack up my little 79 PLY HOZ TC3 with all kinds of miscellaneous jewelry, children's toys and other miscellaneous things that women loved to buy.

I would drive to the market, pick a spot or booth area, pay the attendant for my space, set up all my equipment and just as soon as the market opened my booth was almost always filled with people buying this jewelry.  I would sell around $600 to $1300 in a time period of 6 hours or so. 

She had me and two other girls go to different locations in the area and she went to another location. 

The way she started was she took out a loan for $3000.00 and bought a lot of wholesale jewels and other things that were kind of related to jewelry. 

She then bought tables and earring racks and so on.  She then started to go to Flea Markets.  Basically that is how she got started and she is still doing very well in that business today.

Real Estate Agent- is the person that helps you to buy or sell property...

There was a lady that use to work with me. In her spare time she took the 6 weeks class to become a Real Estate agent.  Shortly after that she started selling it.  At that time the interest rate was at around 6%. 

She really lucked out because she was able to get a good start and also get herself a good reputation in the industry.  She is doing really great at it and is elated to basically being her own boss. She is a very assertive when it comes to selling. 

About six months after she went on to brokers classes and is working on starting she own Brokerage Company. And years later she is still doing just fine at it. 

This person I really admires, because she did not let anything hold her back and she is doing the things in life that she really want to do.  She is being a full time mother to her children, she is being a fun loving wife to her husband, and she is definitely helping out with the family income.  And she is also doing just fine with enjoying her life.

These are just a few of the best home based Business Ideas to help you get a better idea of how to pick the type of business that is right for you.  Only you can figure that out, because you are the one that is going to be running you Business.  

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