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You need to make sure income opportunity home based business ownership is really what you want. It’s not for everyone. And it may or may not be for you.

You need to take time and make sure that you have chosen the right type of business for your personality.

For example;

If you are not a people person, I suggest you go into a business where you are not dealing with people. A mail order or a net auction business would be a better choice for you.

When people think of income opportunity home based business ownership, there is, for the most part a big misconception. That it is easy, no problems and that there isn’t anything to it; but that is not true. Business ownership is one of the hardest things that a person will ever do.

Actually, for you to succeed in income opportunity home based business or anything for that matter, you will have to decide exactly what it is you really want to do, take the actions to get it done and finally stay in there even if you have to struggle.

Well, I'm sure that someone has thought of a business, started it, started making a lot of money, everything went smooth, and they loved every aspect of their business and finally were able to retire in no time flat.

That's a great story, isn't it? Chances Are This Will Not Happen To You! Most people who start any type of business don't succeed. According to a 2001 report by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) the median life span of the termination of a small business is between three (3) and five (5) years, with only one (1) in ten (10) surviving twenty (20) years or more.

What is it that sets a successful income opportunity home based business entrepreneur apart from the rest of the entrepreneurs?The answer is their entrepreneurial spirit, competitive drive and theirwillingness to persevere through the good and bad times is what sets them apart. Do you have this type of spirit and entrepreneurial drive?

Have you ever been invited to a home party? And once you arrived and viewed the product line you loved it. Everything about it just turned your entrepreneurial spirit into fast speed. At the end of the party the sales person/distributor asked if anyone was interested in having a home party. And you replied, "I will!"

You wanted to have a party to see how everything would work out for you. So you had a party. You invited everyone you know. Just about everyone you invited came to your party. You all had a great time. You received lots of free gifts just for having a party.

Plus, you were eligible to receive a lot of discounts on any products you wanted to buy. You were so elated. You and your husband had been talking about maybe one of you getting an extra job to help out with the bills anyway; so why not this? If that sales person/distributor could do it; why not you?

So you signed up to join the company as a sales person/distributor. You paid your start up fees. You brought a start-up kit. You sent out newsletters to everyone that attended your home party. You started to book and have your own parties as well. Things were going great. It took you about six months to break even with the initial money you paid to join the organization.

All of a sudden, it seemed like everyone you know stopped buying from you. You could not sell anything. As time went on you just simply went out of business.

So why did it only work for a little while?

What did you do wrong?

Why did you run out of people to sell to, even though you really did enjoy what you were doing?

What could you have done differently?

Well the answer is simple. You should have networked with people you know a little more, and also with people you didn't know, as well. Most people know a small number of people, therefore limiting them to that number of contacts. You must contact and talk to more people. Or else, you will not succeed in selling anything on a long term basis.

How do you network? The first thing you must do is market the people you know; this is your warm market. Second you should market the people that your warm market is friends with. Third you should occasionally market people that you have met casually. You can talk to people where ever you go. You can join organizations that are related to your type of business.

If you take the time to think, plan and organized the type of business you want to be in and how you plan on marketing and selling your product for the long run, you can be one of the ones that will be successful.

When it cans to home business start up and ownership, there are a few things you might want to consider:

You need to know that it is not absolute smooth sailing with business ownership, if you really want to be successful in anything it is going to take time. It will take time to learn everything you need to learn so that you will become an expert at what ever it is you are doing.

Success will take its time, but it can and will come, if you work at it, and continue to learn and read and make sure you are an expert at it.

You have to decide if you want to take all of the time that you will need to do all of the things you will need to do to succeed.

You will need to manage your time.

You have to decide if you want to be the main decision maker or have help with it. You have to decide if you are going to create your own business or join one that already exists.

You have to decide if starting your own business is for you.

You Have To Pick The type Of Business You Want To Start…

How do you know the type of business you want to start?

We have compiled a list of 10 best home based business

How do you figure out what will work for you?

There are several ways to decide on the type of business you want to start or become a part of:

1. Just picking one that you feel is interesting…

2. Picking one that you really enjoy…

3. Picking one that you have inherited…

More ways:

4. You can buy an existing one…

5. You can create one…

6. You can join a business opportunity…

7. You can join a MLM/Network marketing…

8. You can buy a franchise…

You can succeed in any one of these types of businesses. Just make sure you totally enjoy what you are doing. Make sure that it is one that makes you smile with excitement every time you think about it.

How do you pick the right business for you?

You will need to ask yourself these two (2) statements:

Statement 1:

I would like to do _________________________ for the rest of my life.

Statement 2:

When I think of_____________________ as a career, it just excites me.

1. You can ask and answer these statements as many times as you want to.

2. Do it every day until you can decide the answers that best fit your future plans.

3. Write each of your answers down on a blank sheet of paper.

4. Make sure that the answers you choose are the things you really want to do mostly and that they are the things that excite you.

5. You need to narrow it down somewhere between two (2) and five (5) answers. You really don't need more then that to help you make a good decision.

6. Rate all of your choices on a scale from one (1) to ten (10). One (1) being the worst and ten (10) being the best.

7. The closer you are to the number ten (10), the better you will enjoy your choice.

This whole process should help you to choose a business that will work for you.

Note: That even a ten (10) can become a zero (0) after you try it out. And you find out you really don’t enjoy doing it.

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