Who Needs A Business Plan?

Running a business isn't an easy task and everyone who is involved in any type of business management certainly knows this. It is certain, however, that people don’t need business plans if their business is for example a small grocery store… or do they?

Everyone involved in any important position in any type of business should ask the following question: do our business need a business plan?

The truth is, if you are running a business, you need a business plan, and that’s that. A business plan will work like a map, a tool for guidance.

Without it you just might be walking in circles and have no idea you are doing it.

A plan will allow you to set goals, identify priorities and to provide a path to follow.

Applying For A Business Loan

Furthermore, if you are applying for a business loan you are going to need a business plan. Most banks will send you home if you get there without a business plan and ask them for a lot of money.

And if you manage to discover a bank that doesn't require a business plan (There actually are a few) they will still expect you to have one. If you don’t, getting a loan is not going to be easy.

Investment For Your Business

Quite logically, if you looking for an investment for your business, you are also going to need a business plan. A plan by itself doesn’t guarantee you are going to get people to invest in your business, but not having a plan will mean that you either have incredibly naïve investors, or that you won’t get an investment.

Investors don’t just invest in the idea or the market; they also invest on the people and the track records behind the business. They need to be pleased. Even If the investors are your partners in the business, a business plan is going to guarantee that some agreements are well defined.

Communicate With Your Management Team

You are also going to need a business plan if you want to communicate with your management team. A routine is distracting since it is more than likely that unpredictable things happen, problems and opportunities appear as well as other types of distractions.

If you are going to keep your management team on track, you need to give them some guidelines that they can follow, and that you can actually track in order to know that everything is going according to plan.

Sell It or Appraise It

Finally, a business plan is also required if you want to sell a business or if you want to appraise it. A business isn’t just valued based on its size and past events; it is also valued based on the future and the direction that it’s going to take.

No one is going to want to invest into a business that will fail within a few years.

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