Why Is This The Best
Home Based Business For
Woman To Start?

Lets Get To Business...So, you are thinking about starting your own home based business for woman. Last year tens of thousands of women across the United States and the world decided to create their own business.

Do You Have Questions?

It is the American dream to one day take your ideas and actually start your very own business with them.

Whether your target market is the whole world or just your local neighborhood,YourBusinessPal.com has extremely valuable information available for the start up or small business owner.

Here is a list of questions that can help you to figure out if your business ideas is feasible. Research these areas and answer these questions.

What type of home based business of woman are available For us?

What is my niche?

What void will my business fill?

What services or products will I sell?

Is my idea reasonable?

Will it fill a need?

Who are my competition?

What makes my business better then theirs?

Did you know?

Entrepreneurs among women is one of the fastest growing economic trends today...

There are now 9.1 million businesses owned by women. That’s 38 percent of all firms...

As of 2002 (the latest available data) more than a million of these were owned by minority women in the US...

Worldwide, women typically own between a forth and a third of all businesses...

Home Based Businesses for women contribute more than $3.6 trillion annually in revenues to the economy, more than the gross domestic product of most other countries

Why Is This The Best Home Based Business For Woman To Start?

We have recommended the Net Auction business as the number one business to start for some time now. The way it was rated was from the overwhelming response we received from e-mails and other correspondence and media. The Net Auction business from this research appeared by far to be the best business to start.

Over the past few months we received and enormous amount of e-mail inquiring about this business. They mostly wanted to know why this business was rated number one.

We decided to do a more detailed research assignment on it so that we could give them a better reply to their questions about this business.

Our staff started to collect some extra stuff they had around their homes until we had a nice supply of things to auction off on http//:www.ebay.com . We then separated and organize our supplies so that we were able to find what we needed at the end of each auction.

We logged on to http://www.ebay.com , set up an account and a selling account as well. We set up an ebay payment account. This account accepts credit card payments from our auction winners. Now we were ready to start.

We started with some old ink cartridges that were never used. We listed the cartridges one at a time. The initial bid amount on these cartridges was listed at $1.99 or $2.99. By the end of the auction they normally sold for around $15.00 and had an average of around 16 bids.

Over a period of time you start to get an idea about what works and what does not work for you.

So, Why Is This The Best Home Based Business For Woman To Start?

You can start this business with very little capital…

You can start it part time or full time…

You have the potential to make a large amount of money with it…

You will learn all of the basics about business start up and ownership...

You will learn marketing…

You will learn inventory…

You will learn the best selling techniques…

You will learn great communication skills

You will learn payment options…

You will learn the best way to Ship your products…

You will learn all the basics about running a successful business…

With all of this in mind, why are you not learning more about the Net Auction business?

Even if the Net Auction business is not your ultimate business goal, it is the best place to start learning the process of business start up and ownership….

For more details about this type of business go to…

Net Auction business

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Why Women Are Starting Their Own Home Based Businesses?

According to LINK Resources Corporation, 4.1 million women had home-based businesses. More research have shown that the total number of full and part time home based business should hit 37 million by the end of 2002, generating more the 400 billion in revenues. Women have begun working from their homes for many reasons:

The high cost of daycare — The rate of daycare expenses are continually increasing and becoming more and more difficult for families to afford the cost of them. And with the government only giving us a $2400 tax break in 2000 per child up to a limit of three kids. That tax break is much lower than the cost of a child in daycare.

The Quality of daycare — Some parents just feel it is best for them to watch their own kids.

The need for both spouses to work — With the growing economy and inflation. It is difficult for some families to make it on a single income. So one of them venture out to find another source for income. Business start up is sometimes a choice that they may consider to increase their standard of living.

Technology has made it easier — Now a days, if you have a desire and the willpower to get started. You can start you own web based business. With one of the affiliate programs that we offer, it is as easy as just doing it.

Not being treated fairly — Race discrimination, sex discrimination, harassment, and unfair practices at work, office politics, and so on. This can all affect your mental thought process about how you feel about working for the company you presently work for or any other company for that matter.

Low salaries — It is a well-known fact that a woman and a man can be working the same job at a company. They could be performing at the same level and their job reviews could be about the same as well. But the women, most of the time will be making a substantially lesser amount money then the man.

Flexibility — You have total control over your business activities if you are a business owner. You can schedule your day to fit your lifestyle.

Advantages of being at home — There are so many advantages to having a home-based business. You can work whenever you want to work. You don’t have to commute very far. You can deduct some of your home for business expenses. You can Incorporate as a home business.

Home based business for woman is the best choice for women that are faced with some or all of these issues. Most women start part time. If their business becomes the best choice, some ladies eventually leave their full time place of employment. And go at it on the own full time. Which is the goal of these women.

Are you really ready to start your own home based business for woman?

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