Strategic Business Plan

Writing Your Strategic Business Plan is the calculated way you plan on writing your business plan.

You will need to write your strategic business plan in a manner that will work for your specific type of business and you can add or remove things that will help make your business plan great.

If you are writing your business plan for a day care type of business you will need to consider all of the aspects that are evolved with owning this type of business.

You will need to consider what it will cost you to start your day care business.

You will need to consider where it will be located.

You will need to consider the type of permits and licenses you will need to obtain.

You will need to consider who will work for you.

And so on...

You will need to strategically come up with a plan that will help you to organize all of the aspects of your business.

Then you will need to write out all of the details for each of these sections that you have come up with.

Then you will need to put them in the right location of your business plan.

There are seven key sections in your Strategic Business Plan;

1. Introduction Section

This section is the first impression of your business. This is how you introduce your business to whom every you wish to view your business plan.

It should include a Table of Content, a Mission Statement and the Fact Sheets about your business.

2. Executive Summary…

Your Executive Summary is the summing up of the purpose of your business. It is a brief statement or account that covers the substance and main points of your company.

This section includes an Introduction, Product/Service, Target Market, Competitive Position, Goals and Objectives, Management, Finance, and an Executive Summary.

3. Company Plan…

The Company Plan is a factual review of your business.

This section includes a Company Description, Company Accomplishments, Property Owned, Company Assets, Company Goals, Company History, Company Philosophy, Contracts, Legal Formation, Location, Merchandising Plan, Product Description, Proprietary Rights, and Suppliers

4. Marketing Plan…

Your Marketing Plan covers all of the details about how you plan on marketing every aspect of your business.

This section includes a Marketing Description, Market (Industry Trends), National Economics Trends, Target, Market Description, Competitor Description, Competitor Analysis, Product/Service Description, Product/Service Strategy, Product/Service Pricing, Strategy, Product/Service Sales Strategy.

This section also includes Product/Service Advertising, Strategy, Product/Service Distribution Strategy, Product/Service Customer Service Strategy, Product/Service Credit Policies Strategy, Product/Service Packaging Strategy, Product/Service, Warranty Strategy, Product/Service, Marketing Test, Product/Service, SWOT, and A Marketing Budget.

5. Operations Plan…

The Operating Plan is an overview of the general operations of your business.

This section should include a brief overview about how you plan on running the financing, legal concerns, inventor.

It also includes Daily Operations, Banking, Board of Directors, Professional Consultants, Management Team, and Manpower.

6. Financial Strategies…

Your Financial Plan describes the details of your past, present and future financial plans of your business.

This is how and where you plan to manage and/or obtain money to keep your business up and running.

This section includes your Expenses, Capital Plan, Accounts Payable, Capital Sources, Loan Requirements, Summary of Financial Needs, Financial Statement, Income Statement, Balance Sheet Statement, and Cash Flow Statement.

7. Supporting Documents/Appendices

Include your supporting documents, testimonials from present and potential customers research clips, miscellaneous charts and graphs.

It should also include your company’s contracts, credit reports, past and present Income tax returns, legal documents and your lease agreements.

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