Home Based Business Leads

Why Direct Selling?

Because this is the best way to obtain home based business leads for your business.

What is direct selling and why is it so important to business owners?

Direct selling is one person or persons selling face to face to another person. The sales staff are the most important part a a business. They are the ones that keep any business a float. They are the ones that must build their own home based business leads.

If you are trained correctly, there are no limits to where you can go in this profession.

Every business uses direct selling in some form or another. If there are not any products being sold.Do you think the business will continue to exist? Probably not.

Some people are born sells persons and others have to learn the art of selling. They have to learn how to be the best at creating their home based business leads to grow their business.

...My Story...

When I was about 8 or 9 years old I was a good direct seller or maybe just a cute kid that people could not turn down. Every time someone came to our house to visit. I would take them by the hand down to our basement. In the basement I had a make shift store.

It was filled with all kinds of novelties that I had in there to sell. 100 percent of the people that visited my store bought something. Well... in real life it is not that easy. And you will receive an extremely large amount of No's from just about everyone you talk to about your business.

You can't think of the No's as personal rejection, they are not rejecting you they are rejecting your product or just the thought of buying something..

The difference between people who obtain everything they want out of life and people who just live life without any plans for the future and are always wanting more out of life are:

It never occurs to them that they can be great sellers...

They never decide to be the best...

They procrastinate and never get things done...

They do not delay personal gratification...

They do not have long term perspective...

They are dreamers not doer...

It never occurs to them that they can be great sellers...

Most people just live their lives and don't think about their futures. It just never enters their minds that they can be successful.

They never decide to be the best...

You have to make a conscious decision that you want to be a great direct seller.

They procrastinate and never get things done...

You have to STOP procrastinating. And start taking steps to get thing done.

They do not delay personal gratification...

I how so many people that are buying so much stuff on credit. So they buy more stuff on credit. Then they have so much stuff and so many bills that they don't have anything left to save or even to pay the bills they are ready have.

What they need to do is change their way of thinking. And start thinking that if you do not have enough money on hand to buy something. Don't buy it. Only use credit to help you out in a real emergency.

They do not have long term perspective...

Most people do not think about their future until they are living in the future. If you wait to long you will run out of time to save for your future/retirement. Think about it now. If you do not save money for you future. Where do you think you will get it?

They are dreamers not doer...

Most people want a business, most people want to be successful, and most people want a life of happiness and so no. But most people do not take the action to do the things to get it started.

The main reason so many people fail in sells is that they do not stay with it long enough to get their first winning experience.

That alone would raise their self-esteem and self-concept. Their first BIG SELL will make you feel so good that you will long for and figure out how you will obtain this felling again and again...

Getting Started...

You need to pick a product that you use, enjoy and believe in. Make sure you are 100 percent sold on this product. If you do not believe in it, what makes you think you will be able to convince other people to believe in it? If you do not believe in it your home based business leads will not be of any good to you.

You need to believe in yourself and become a powerful sales personality you need:



Think of yourself as self employed...

Be concerned for your customers...

Set goals...

Work on your goal daily...

Make a list of every one you know about your product. Become an expert for your product. Talk to them, and tell them about your product. Tell everyone you meet about it.

Make a list of everyone you feel needs this product. Talk to them, and tell them about your product. Tell everyone you meet about it.

Become an expert at selling. Read daily at least 30 to and hour. Listen to audio tapes or CD-ROM on the subject of selling.

...My Story...

As I got a little older, I was about 12 years old. I was getting a little tired of the store business so I began to write proposals. I some how learned of venture capital companies that gave money away to help a small or growing businesses.

All they wanted was a share of the business that they would helped to finance. I sent out my proposals to several venture capital companies. Two of them made me an offer. But, before I could reply my parents somehow got my mail with my reply information in it.

They called or wrote the companies and told them I was only 12 years old. Needless to say I did not get to start my business at that time.I had to go back to the store in the basement routine.

The difference between doers and none doers are that the doers take actions and the none doers do not.


You need to identify the best customer market. Then you need to concentrate on it.

Who are your customers exactly? You need to target them.

Who buys this type of products?

Who will buy it in the future?

Who bought it in the past?

Why do they buy it?

Approaching the prospect

Your first contact with the prospect will start the process. Most of the time this will not conclude the sale.

You must break their preoccupation. Make sure they are only paying attention to you. You have only 30 second to do that.

Before they will listen to you, you need to:

Have something important to say...

Make sure you are talking to the right person...

Make your visit short...

No high pressure...

Never make your presentation standing up...

Dress the part, if your prospect is dressed nicely make sure you are dress just as well...

Sales process

There are several buyer types. When you are dealing with people. You will be dealing with different types of personalities.

Apathetic buyer...

Self-Actualizing buyer...

Analytical buyer...

Emotional buyer...

Apathetic buyer

They are negative and cynical types that will never buy anything.

Self-Actualizing buyer

This type of buyer knows exactly what they want.

Analytical buyer

This type of buyer only cares about details. You need to focus on the things they are interested in.

Emotional buyer

This type cares about what other people think about what they are buying.Women a generally this type of buyer.

You should have a presentation for each type. A plan presentation is 20 times more effective then a random one.

You must become an effective listener. You will need to know when to listen and when to talk.


Closing is the part of the whole selling presentation that is the most difficult. But, on the other hand, if we are successful with it can be the most self-esteem lifting of them all. It just feels good when something goes your way.

There are no sales without objections. The best way to handle objections is to think of them as questions. You will need to overcome them.

Closing Techniques

The part by part close involves a series of questions. Each one leading into one another. With each requiring a yes answer.

For example:

"This color is working nicely for you, isn't it?"

"Why don't you give us a try?"

The next close involves closing on a miner point in the sale presentation. Acceptance of which denotes acceptance of the entire offer.

For Example:

If a person were looking for a dishwasher, you would say

"Will you want this in white or beige?"

If they say white or green, you then say.

"Would you like us to deliver this to your home this afternoon, or will tomorrow be all right?"

Keys to Successful Selling

1. Learn to love your work.

2. Decide exactly what it is you want in life.

3. Back every goal and plan with persistent determination and willpower.

4. Commit yourself to success.

5. Use time wisely.

6. Follow the leader.

7. Guard your integrity.

8. Be creative.

9. Treat every prospect like a million dollar customer.

10. Work hard and you will succeed.

...My Story...

I joined a MLM company. The product line was water filter systems. I was around 18 years old when I started. My family was regular working class people. So I did not have access to people that were making the big bucks.

But I was determined to make it in this industry. I had all of the keys to be successful. Except, I did not have any money or any one to help me learn the techniques of selling.

I did not have anyone to help me to build my home based business leads so that I could be successful. I called everyone I knew. I even sold some product and also convince others people to go to meetings with me.

About six people were in my down line. I wanted so much to keep these people there. Plus, four of them were doing well at it and I was making money from my residual incomes as well.

One day in one of the weekly meetings at the training center I stood up and said, " By the time I was 19 Years old I was going to be at the top level of this MLM company."

Everyone stood up and started clapping their hands. One couple walked up to me at the end of the meeting. They are both at the top level of the company.

By time I finished talking to them. They told me they would teach everything they know about business. These people worked with me day in and day out for about a month. At no cost to me. I was ready to do thing on my own. I was ready to be a leader.

I started to teach the people that were in my down line in the same manner that they taught me. By helping people I learned so much as well. My sells skyrocketed. Needless to say, I was at the top level by the time I was 19 Years of age.

The only difference between someone who succeeds and someone who fails is the successful people take action and help others and non-successful people do not.

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