Write An Executive Summary

Write An Executive Summary  is the summing up of the purpose of your business.  It is a brief statement or account that covers the substance and main points of your company.

After gаіnіng a lіttlе еxреrіеnсе frоm dеvеlоріng уоur buѕіnеѕѕ оr еvеn while runnіng уоur business; іdеаѕ уоu іnіtіаllу developed саn change and thаt іѕ nоrmаl!

It іѕ еvеn possible thаt you dесіdеd to fоllоw a different buѕіnеѕѕ direction altogether. Either wау, you nееd to сlеаr a раth fоr уоur business tо fоllоw.

This will аlѕо hеlр others tо get оn bоаrd with уоu and уоur business, ѕuсh аѕ еmрlоуееѕ оr іnvеѕtоrѕ. Before delving too deep, here is the right outline for your brewery business plan;

Exесutіvе Summаrу
Company Ovеrvіеw
Induѕtrу Analysis/Market Analysis
Cuѕtоmеr Anаlуѕіѕ
Cоmреtіtоr Anаlуѕіѕ
Mаrkеtіng Plаn
Management Plаn
Operations Plаn
Fіnаnсіаl Plаn

The Executive Summary is a very important part of your Business Plan. It is one of the key component in write your plan.

The Executive Summary has seven main components



Target Market

Competitive Position

Goals and Objectives




TL Manage Inc. was founded in 1998 as an Internet based self help center for people that are starting their own businesses.

We have a proven track record of business start up expertise.  We have helped several hundred businesses get moving in the right direction.

We are focused on improving the position of small businesses, ultimately, helping them to reach the success that they are working on for their company.

TL Manage Inc. is in business to help your business succeed.


Our products are a series of motivational e-books that are organized to help you start and run a successful business.

Target Market

Our customer base includes people that have worked for someone else for at least 10 years.  These people finally know exactly what it is they want out of their lives.  They have worked for others and are now ready to be the one in control.

Competitive Position

Our specific niche has realized that business ownership is what they want and they are ready and willing to take the steps to get started.

This is due to the fact that they have been working for someone else and are frustrated that they are not really moving ahead and that they seem to be in the same place that they were in when they get that job.

Research indicates that our niche is ready to accept offerings.  They have worked for others; some of them have already started a small business that is only slightly to moderately successful. 

They can afford are ready to try our product line.  

Goals and Objectives

TL Manage Inc. niche market is the reason we are working to provide a valuable product and service. 

Within 12 months we intend to have more downloadable e-books and software.

Within 2 years we will complete our downloadable sites.

Within 5 years we plan to add more targeted pages and information for women in business.  At this point we will have a massive list of business related articles.


In this section you should add the names and the titles of your management team.  If you are a corporation you should include the President, Vice President, the key share holders and so on.

You may also include their knowledge and their experiences. This should take a form similar to a resume.


TL Manage inc. computer systems are great for our applications.  We have notices some new systems out on the market.  That are faster and less expensive then our original systems.  We will update with this newer technology.

These systems include CPU, five monitors, five mouse’s and a total customized software package to fit our needs.

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