What Is An Executive Summary?

An Executive Summary is about a half of a page to about a page in the half that sums up the details of your business.

Executive Summary Section

The Executive Summary includes an Introduction/Overview, Company Direction, Management Team, Product/Service Strategy, Product and Delivery, Target Market Goals and Objectives and Finances and sometimes a Competitive Position which is a sub-part of the Target Market 

What is an Executive Summary and how is it useful for your business?

t is one of the first things lenders look at in your business plan.  This is because it sums your business up so that by the time they finish looking at your executive summary the lender will have an idea about what your business is about, the state of  your business and what they can forecast for the state of your business in the future. 

Note: Some lenders are looking for businesses that they can prove will pay back the loan. And other lenders are looking for businesses with good business plans.

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