Graphic Design Business Plan 
How To Use Your Edge!

Graphic design is big business. It is so popular in fact that those looking to go into the field need to have an edge.

That is why your graphic design business plan must be done right. It must set you apart from other graphic designers.

Your graphic design business plan tells those who invest in your company that you have a complete plan.

Wasted Opportunities

One error unique to the graphic design field is not showing their skill in their graphic design business plan. You are one of the lucky ones who can demonstrate their “goods” to your investors.

Not including graphic designs in your business plan is a wasted opportunity. Your graphic design is your edge! This is what sets you apart. Don’t make the mistake of trying to blend in with other businesses.

Show your stuff! Use your edge! Show work you have done plan for growth and success. It also shows them that you have thought out all scenarios and have a plan of action to carry you through when things go south for clients. Show some excitement.

The banker looks at all types of business plans all day and they go from point A, B and C. Add some color to your business plan. Let the investor see why you deserve the funds to grow your business.

Cover The Basics

Your graphic design business plan can look unique as long as it covers the basics. You need to include the following:

1. Where are you going to operate your business? 

2. A detailed example of your production process from the order stage through the delivery stage.

3. The number of employees you will need, and the cost of employing them. This includes payroll, benefits, bonuses or commissions and recruitment. 

4. Equipment needed and cost. This includes manufacturing equipment but also computers, vehicles, office supplies, cell phones and data plans, and uniform services. The more details you add the better.

5. Technology as in software, webhosting, tech support and order and inventory processing.

6. Communication – show how customers will be able to contact you, what methods will be in place to accept orders and process warranties. Show your business hours and back-up plan for shipping if your system fails. 

7. How will you receive payment? Are you set up to accept credit cards and electronic payments? Will you require payment before shipping or will you set up charge accounts for customers? 


Be prepared to show who you know and how you know them. If you know any business owners in the business, let it be known.

This means you have a support system to fall back on if you get in trouble. If your grandfather owned a similar business, list it.

It is great to have education, past job experience but if you had any specific design experience from internships, summer jobs or volunteer work, now is where that will pay off.

Do your homework and know how your business plan is supposed to look and before you submit it, let an expert review it. 

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