Personal Trainer Business Plan

The personal trainer field offers many opportunities with the availability of several suitable places for training clients. Some of these places include private studios, in-home, parks and recreation centers, outdoors, health clubs and corporate office. 

Although, it may seem to be a glamorous profession, however, two kinds of grunt work are involved which are the main business between you and your client and the level of work put together to start up the business. 

Before you embark on the business, it is important that you map out a personal trainer business plan. 

Obtain Certification

A personal training certification is needed to kick start a personal trainer business.

This can either be obtained from a nationally recognized program that is accredited through the NCCA – National Commission for Certifying Agencies or an accredited university.

This course has a minimum duration of 6 months.

Ensure Proper Registration 

As part of your personal trainer business plan, get a business name. Your business name can be registered through the state government. 

You are obligated to obtain an EIN (Employer Identification Number) if you are going to hire employees but if you are operating as a sole proprietor, your social security number can be used for registration. 

Obtain a Business License 

Although there are no licensing regulations guiding a personal trainer business, however, it is still essential to obtain a business license so that you can operate your business as a legitimate independent business. 

Endeavor to go to your State Revenue Agency to register your business name. Also, take into cognizance in your personal trainer business plan that different states have different tax and registration requirements. 

Purchase Liability Insurance

Reasonable prices on liability certification for personal trainers may be offered by the organization that certified you. Some liability coverage may be offered if you work as an employee in an established gym. 

It is important that you carefully do a proper check on your contract terms. It is a good idea to carry your own liability insurance; however, even if you are insured by the gym, the gym’s insurance will certainly not cover you when you work outside the gym. 

Note that you will need to insure the equipment and premises of your location, if you choose to open your own personal training studio.

Start From Somewhere 

You can begin from somewhere by seeking to work as a personal trainer in a gym. To gain easy access to a plethora of equipment as well as a wide potential client base by starting at a gym. 

You can also be permitted to handle seminars and make yourself available to answer questions on the floor which is a good way of promoting yourself. 

You can also gain employment in offices, hospitals, spas, sports teams and community health centers. However, you will have to be very creative with your marketing options if you work in your own studio as an independent gym. 

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