What Are Balance Sheet Accounts?

Balance sheet accounts are the accounting of your balance sheet.  This is where you put all of the information that is required in the correct place on the balance sheet.

The balance sheet help you to organize your accounts.

The balance sheet is a total overview of how your business is doing financially at any given time period. At any time you can review it to see if your business is healthy or not.

If it is not healthy you can use your balance sheet to help you with some of your financial choices to help direct your business back in a positive direction. 

The balance sheet accounts can be completed in one of two different ways.  The first is using the general ledger system and the other is using the asset, liabilities and equities of your company to complete your balance sheet.

When using the general ledger system you will get the information from the income statement and the cash flow statement to add to your balance sheet accounts.  Basically, you are transferring information from the other forms to the balance sheet.  This is also called double entry accounting.

The other way to complete a balance sheet is to add the assets, liabilities and equities to the form.

Assets = Liabilities + Owner's Equity

Assets are all of the items the company owns.

Liabilities are all of the items the company owes on.

Owner's Equity are the shareholder and equities (what the owner has put into the company).

Why Is Balance Sheet Analysis So Important?

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Balance Sheet Accounts Help...

Balance Sheet Example
Your Balance Sheet Example is a quick view of the financial state of your business at a specific time period.

Balance Sheet Template
Your Balance Sheet Template is a printable Template that shows you the basics to doing a Balance Sheet for your business.

Sample Balance Sheet
A Sample Balance Sheet will help you write a Balance Sheet for your business. It will show you how to know the difference between Your companies Assets and its Liabilities.

Read A Balance Sheet
Find details about how to read a balance sheet.  Also find details about what is in a balance sheet and the three main sections in them and how you calculate them.

Balance Sheet Accounts
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Balance Sheet Analysis
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Balance Sheet Definition
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Prepare A Balance Sheet
Review details about what it takes to prepare a balance sheet for your business.  Also understand the steps preparing your balance sheet.  And how to understand the assets, liabilities and the owner's equities.

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