Computer Repair Business Plan

One of the most expanding industries today is the computer business.  I this been around for a little while, but it is surely still growing. 

A large amount of the population has computers, printers, ipods, ipads, nooks and so on.  With that said you can now see how the computer repair business can be a great choice for those people that are thinking about starting a business. 

And if you are a person that is interested in fixing things or just simply want a business of this type, then a computer repair business may just be the type of business you may want to start.

Plus, with this type of business you can be open to fix other technical gadgets as well.

What Does It Take To Start One?

You can start it from your residences in an extra room, the basement or another place in your home where you have space to complete your repairs.

Or you can rent a business location to start it.  I am a believer that sometimes and it depends on your financial situation that starting small and as your business grows you add more to it and it expands comparatively to your business growth level.

The Equipment

You are going to need to buy equipment, tools and supplies to make the repairs for your business. 

You can purchase this equipment from a retail supply store or you can buy from a resale shop or you may have a lot of the supplies already.

The Licenses

You will need to find out what type of business licenses you will need to start your business, you will need to contact your local government office or city hall, and they can direct you in the right direction to get the specific license you may need.

The Employees

One of the first things you will need to decide on is the number of employees you will need to have for your business.  And if you are a new small computer repair business are you going to be the only employee.

The Type Of Business Formation

What classification of business will you start?  Is it going to be a Sole Proprietorship? Partnership? LLC? Or a Corporation?

You will have to decide which of these choices will work best for the type of business you want to start. If you are very small and just starting out a Sole Proprietorship can be a good choice, but it does have its advantages and draw backs.

The Business Plan

Why is the Business Plan so important to your business? This is because it can help you to determine where your business is today and where your business going in the future.

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