Call Center Business Plan

Completing a call center business plan is one of the first things you will want to do before you actually open the door for your business.

The call center is the type of business where your employees are making calls to market goods or services, it can be a customer service center, or it can be a mixture of them both.

It may also be a call center that receives calls for inquiries, complaints or a mixture of them both.

Marketing Goods And Services

Back when I was in this industry the term used for this type of call center was telemarketing.  The center I worked for was one that marketed home improvements, which mainly included vinyl windows and vinyl siding.  In the call center we had a list of numbers to call daily; we marketed them with our sales pitch and tried to set appointments for the salespersons.

Once the appointment was set, the lead telemarketer in our group would call and verify the appointment and it was set. 

It was then up to the salesperson to seal the deal with a sale.

The purpose of this type of call center business is for the employees to market a product or service, or to pre-market a product or service for salesperson to make the sale.

The way this worked was, if the salesmen made the sale, he or she got their bigger commission and the Telemarketer received their smaller commission from the deal.  We were also eligible for other bonuses if we made it to a certain level of sales for that month.

Customer Service Call Centers

There are other types of call centers that are specifically used for the purpose of customer service.  This may include customers needing or wanting to make payments for their bills, general customer inquiries, customer complaints or a combination of them all.

This type of call center generally is a room with phones and computers to help you navigate around the customer inquires the customers are asking.

These rooms may or may not have separate areas for the workers to sit at; there may simply be an open room and your small space to work in.

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