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Car Wash Business Plan Sample
Financial Plan

Financial Plan


As we stated earlier, our car wash business was originally founded using a combination of personal loans and credit card debt, but ever since those early days the founder of our business has attempted to keep long term debt to a minimum.

Long term debt for our car wash business has been kept to a minimum through a prudent combination of financial management, cost management and the aggressive repayment of long term debt. 

Today the only long term debt our car wash company retains is that which was borrowed at exceptionally favorable rates. We have retained this long term debt in order to better invest our profits in the future success of our company going forward.

We feel that it is the aggressive reinvestment of current profits that have helped our company to grow and prosper so much in a highly competitive marketplace.

We recognize the power of growth and innovation in the car wash business, and we have continually attempted to provide our customers with the newest, best and most efficient service.

As we continue to grow our business, we plan to acquire more property while keeping our long term debt levels as low as possible.

Fortunately, the profits we have been able to achieve have allowed us to build up substantial levels of cash reserves, and these cash reserves have in turn allowed us to acquire property at excellent prices and excellent borrowing terms.


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