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American Business List

Why An American Business List is needed to help your business reach success.

Over the course of my life I have met thousands of people.  The vast majority of them are working class people. 

For the most part, they hate their jobs.  Well, they don't really hate their jobs in the traditional sense of the word hate, which means an extreme dislike of something. Actually, they like their jobs a little bit.  This is because their jobs are paying their bills.

What they really hate is the fact that they are not doing in life what they really want to do, which is, just simply to be healthy, have fun, have more time for their families and enjoy life totally

Most people really don't enjoy their lives.  They just kind of float through it without a clue of what it is they really want.  They do know that the job they are employed at is not it. 

So what do they do about it?  Nothing! 

They just keep on floating away, hoping; maybe they will win the lottery or something.

Building their future is the last thing on their mind.  Why is that?  This is because we as people were never taught by our parents or our schools or from anyone that we should plan our Futures

Why didn't they tell us to save? 

This is simply, because they did not know themselves that savings is the key to wealth building.

This is a grim statistic that  I have read about over and over again.  And personally it does not make any sense to me, at all.

Out of 100 people at the age of 65;

·        36 will be Dead…

·        54 will be Broke, Dependent on Family or the

·        5 will still be Working…

·        4will be Financially Independent…

·        1will be Rich…

Only 5out of every 100 will be affluent or wealthy.  What is the difference between a rich person and a poor person?  The answer to the question is, just simple planning and/or not saving. Basically the rich save, plan and use leverageThe poor don't.

So how do we get to the point in life where we can take advantage of the things the rich people get to take advantage of? 

1.    We have to absolutely decide that we want to

2.      We have to set goals for what we want to achieve.

3.      We have to plan the steps to obtain these goals.

4.      We have to take the steps to reach these goals.

What are some ways you can ensure you have a prosperous future?

Are you going to take the steps to make sure you have a financially successful future?


Are you a Five percent person?


Are you a Ninety Five percent person?

This Is Why YourBusinessPal.com Is Working On Putting Together An American Business List and an International Business List - As Well...

We plan to set up several different business categories for you to list you story and/sample.

Business Plan...
Writing A Business Plan...
Sample Business Plans...

Home Business Start Up...
Women Home Business...

Business Financing...
Business Grants...

Mission Statements...
Writing A Mission Statement...
Sample Mission Statements...

Executive Summery...
Writing An Executive Summery...
Sample Executive Summery...

What we are looking for, at this time, is businesses that are willing to tell us their story and/or give a sample of the categories that are mentioned above.

How did your business succeed?

How did you go from failure to ultimately succeeding?

What steps did you take to get where you are today?

What did you do differently for others to up you in business?

We want to list all of these stories and samples, plus other relevant business related articles on our website and in an up coming downloadable book we are working on.

We want samples of your business plan, home based stories, how did you finance your business, sample of your business mission statement and also samples of your executive summery.

To send YourBusinessPal.com these samples and articles to be listed in our American Business List and our International Business List Program.

Send your story and/sample, with the understanding that we may use it in future publications.

Send from a valid email address so that we can verify when and if we use your story and/sample.


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