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Business Start Up Work Shop Download

At we have put a huge emphasis on training. As long as you can remember you were most likely being trained on something or another.

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From the early beginnings I bet you can recall your mom and/or your dad telling you "No!" or "Stop That!". maybe they were training you to keep your hands off of their stuff.

So as you can tell training has always been a part of all of our lives. That's why we have put together this Work Shop. The intentions of this Work Shop is to direct you in the right direction to help you start your business in a successful manner.

This Work Shop is also a good training opportunity for someone that already have a business, but needs a boost to get it moving into a more profitable direction.

This Work Shop will take you chapter by chapter closer to your business start up goals.

This Work Shop is broken down into two folds. The first fold is a comprehensive manual that will direct you in the right direction to get you started. And if you are already started, it will take you back to the beginning of the start up process to make sure you did not forget anything.

And if for some reason you forgot anything, this program will be a great tool to help you fill in the blanks.

First Fold

The manual includes information about:

Chapter 1 Reality Check

Chapter 2 Picking Your Future Life

Chapter 3 Business Plan

Chapter 4 Financial Planning

Chapter 5 Check It Out

Chapter 6 Marketing Plan

Chapter 7 Final Steps

Business Start Up Articles

Second Fold

The second fold of this Work Shop is what is considers to be the best way to grow your new or existing business in today's ever changing business environment.

Downsizing, lay offs, lock outs and out sourcing just to name a few of the changes that we are faced with as employees of big corporations.

There was a time when a high school graduate or a recent college graduate could expect to get a good JOB (Just Over Broke) and work for that company until they retire.

Chances are this will not happen for the new graduate "now-a-days..."

Things have changed and they will not be the way they use to be any time soon...  In this day and age the new graduate can expect on average to work for 7 to 14 employers in their working lifetime.

How do you expect to feel secure?

What can you do about it?

Is there a alternative for you?

That is why this fold of the Work Shop is so important. This fold will show you the answer to these questions. It will show you what you can do about your future.

It will show you how you can add a certain aspect to your business that can grow it beyond your dreams...

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