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Business Plan and Start Up Newsletter Issue #1087 – Small Business Start Up Grants...
December 13, 2012

Business Plan And Start Up Newsletter
December  2012
Written by Shaunta Pleasant
President, TL Manage Inc.


Small Business Start Up Grants... Are They Within Your Reach...

The U.S. Federal Government is the nation's largest provider of financial assistance for small businesses start up grants, small business start up loans and other small business start up resources that can help a small business to succeed.

Since 1953 the Federal Government's Small Business Administration has helped small businesses do just about anything that is involved with starting, running and growing a small business.

Their small business start up grants are the most popular. They have a vast amount of services that are extremely useful if you plan on finding information about a small business start up grants.

American Business List...

Why An American Business List is needed to help your business reach success.

Over the course of my life I have met thousands of people. The vast majority of them are working class people.

For the most part, they hate their jobs. Well, they don't really hate their jobs in the traditional sense of the word hate, which means an extreme dislike of something. Actually, they like their jobs a little bit. This is because their jobs are paying their bills.

What they really hate is the fact that they are not doing in life what they really want to do, which is, just simply to be healthy, have fun, have more time for their families and enjoy life totally.

Most people really don't enjoy their lives. They just kind of float through it without a clue of what it is they really want. They do know that the job they are employed at is not it.



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Get started and have a happy new year... Cya in 2013!!!


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