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Business Plan and Start Up Newsletter Issue #1018-Your Introduction Section
May 12, 2005

Business Plan And Start Up Newsletter
May 2005
Written by Shaunta Pleasant
President, TL Manage Inc.


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Table of Content**********

What is included In Your Introduction Section...

How Can We Help You Write Your Business Plan?...

What Do You Need To Know To Start A Business?... 

A Short Course In Human Relations... 


What is included In Your Introduction Section ~~~
Business Plan Pro 2005

The introduction section should include four basic elements.  It should include a Cover Sheet, Table of Contents, Mission Statement and a Fact Sheet

A nicely organized Introduction section of your business plan should convey to the readers, a) who your business is b) what type of business you are c) and what you are trying to achieve with your plan.

Cover Sheet

The purpose of this page is to show the viewer of it who your company is. 

This page should include;

Company Name

Your Cover Sheet should name your company.

Contact Information

The Contact Information should give the name of the contact person.  This section should include the address and the phone number of the company. Any fax numbers, email addresses and internet sites should be included also.  

Company Logo

If your company has a logo, it is a good idea to add it to the cover sheet.

Company Trademark

You should also add your company trademark or registered trademark.

Copyright Notice

A copyright notice may be added to discourage people from copying or distributing your business plan without your permission.

Date It Was Prepared

This is the date or the last date that your business plan was prepared.  You may also add the month, the time it was prepared and the person or company that prepared it for you.

Privacy Notice

This is to discourage anyone that was not invited to view your business plan from viewing it.  This is usually added in a red color.  And the privacy notice is usually written with the word CONFIDENTIAL in capital letters.

Copy No. and Given To: are sometimes added at the top right hand corner of it so that you can label them with the appropriate information.



~~~ How Can We Help You Write Your Business Plan? ~~~

Everyday we have people contacting us and asking for help with writing a business plan for their business.  It would be impossible for us to give everyone that asked personal help. 

So I have written a manual that will help you with writing your business plan.  

This manual is intended to aid you in the preparation and the writing of your business plan for your business. 

The first part of it is written to help you write your business plan.  There is plenty of note space for you to take notes as you move through it.  You can also take additional notes on other paper as needed. 

You should write your business plan as you go through this manual.


You can go to the Quick Start... Business Plan Work Shop.

This section is written for those of you that want to write a quick little business plan in a speedy amount of time.

This section also includes some worksheets in a printable form.  You can use these worksheets to help you figure out some of the financial information that your business will need to complete.

For More Information about;

How To
Write A Business Plan...
Made Easy

Go To;


Choosing The Right Resource To Build A Successful Web Site

If you are planning on building a web site for your business Site Build It (SBI) is a really good choice. I believe in it, because I used it to create this web site site. And if you found me via the World Wide Web, that means it is doing what it is suppose to do.

  • This resource will help you save time and money in the long run due to the all-in-one approach it offers.
  • It offers a natural workable process, with the tools to execute it to make your web site work.
  • The success rate is phenomenal... They have more web sites in the top 1% then any other hosting service out there on the Internet. Note: this site is one of them... Look under Misc Business.
  • The Information, details, step by step resources that SBI offers you alone is enough to help you grow an Internet business to the next level... The level of success.

For more details about SBI, they would be delighted to provide you with answers to any "questions" that you may have about SBI!, or simply to help you figure out if SBI! would be of value for what you're planning, and how.


What Do You Need To Know To Start A Business?~~

This is similar to studying for a final exam.  You have to prepare yourself for what you believe will be on your exam.

You will read your textbook, answer the questions at the end of it, study your study guide, review your class notes and maybe reread your textbook again to make sure you are not forgetting anything that you believe may be on your exam.  When you take your test you will be confident that you will do good on it. 

Chances are if you prepared for it you will do well on your test. And if you do a similar process with starting your business, chances are you will do well at that as well.

In order to manage your business successfully you will need some basic skills.  We have listed some of them.  At this point in your business start up process, if you don't have these skills, it will be to your advantage to learn them and to learn them completely.

1. Time Management Skills - In order for your business to succeed you will need to use your time to maximum advantage.

Initially when you are first starting your business you are going to have the roll of "everyone" in your company. You are going to be the boss, the administrator, the janitor, the secretary, the customer service representative, the record keeper etc. 

To get things done you will have to be able to manage your time in an organized manner.  Without good time management skills it will be hard for your business to survive.

2. Money Management Skills - Some people are just more financially organized than others.  So those people are a few steps up on people that have a problem with these skills. 

You must understand that you have to keep good records of your business financial transactions. Keep your business and your personal transactions separate from each other.  Maybe consider incorporating your new or existing business.

3. Organization Skills - Since you are initially "the everything" in your business your ability to keep things in order will be of the utter most importance. 

You will need to be able to organize equipment, people, your office, and everything else related to your business.

4. Marketing Skills - You can have the best product ever made, but if you can't convince people to buy it, you will soon go out of business. 

You can have the best web site ever created, but if you can't convince people to visit it, then it is just out there.  You must learn the basics of marketing your business so that it will succeed.

5. People Skills - Have you ever had a boss that you just really could not get alone with?  As a matter of fact no one could get along with that person. You often wondered how in the world did that person ever get that job. 

Do not be that type of boss.  Your employees will not appreciate you and your customers will not appreciate you, if you don't appreciate them.

6. Goal Setting Skills - Goal setting and organizational skills are kind of related to each other.  Goals are a list of things that you want to accomplish in your life. 

And organization is how you systematically put them in an order so that you can accomplish them in a set amount of time.  You will need to master this skill.  Without it your business will ultimately fail. 

A good rule for those of us, that really don't have patience to do this on a daily basis.  Is to update and review your goals monthly at first, but as time goes on.   Review them weekly, then ultimately you should review your short-term goals daily.


A Short Course In Human Relations


The six most important words: “I admit I made a

The five most important words: “You did a good job.”

The four most important words: “What is your opinion?”

The three most important words: “If you please.”

The two most important words: “Thank you.

The one most important word: “We.”

The least important word: “I”


See you next issue. :-)
All the best,

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