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Choosing Your Next Project - 0100A
May 09, 2006

How in the world do you choose?

Just a quick note to let you know about a fantastic new free online tool.

It helps you make really tough decisions easier then you can imagine.

It is great!

For example, you want to expand your Online business and you can't decide which assignment to do next from the following:

  * Write a business plan
  * Write an executive summary
  * Write a special report
  * Build multiple AdSense sites
  * Write mission statement
  * Build a large website
  * Start a forum
  * Learn PPC arbitrage
  * Start a blog

You can search and search and still come up with nothing...

I could take forever and you can still came up with the "wrong" answer... so what do you do?

This new software comes to the rescue.

You simply use the problem solver, the decision maker.

There's no deceit. You simply enter your questions one at a time and the answers start flowing at you.

Here's how.

* Go to

here how you do it:
 * Type in the items you're trying to sort out
 * List what is important to you

* Enter your own factors that are the most important to you

* Score how well each choice meets each factor

Its easier then you think... to get your ultimate answer
It takes hard questions and answer and make them easy so that you can take action.

You will be able to answer all kinds of your business and business planning questions.

Want to decide...

* Where to go for a vacation? * Which web host? * Which topic for your new website? * Which employee to hire? * Which business plan software to use? * How To finance your business? * ...and almost any other decision you need to make

Try the decision maker for yourself.

What's really amazing is that it doesn't cost anything.

Try it.

You'll love it...

All the best,



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