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Business Plan and Start Up Newsletter Issue #1040-Turning Your Hobby or Talent Into Extra Cash
April 18, 2007

Business Plan and Start Up Newsletter Issue #1040- Turning Your Hobby or Talent Into Extra Cash


Business Plan And Start Up Newsletter
April 2007
Written by Shaunta Pleasant
President, TL Manage Inc.

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Turning Your Hobby or Talent Into Extra Cash

A Mighty Force of Slow Growth

A Few Cool Helpful Notes...


Turning Your Hobby or Talent Into Extra Cash
By Gessy Nixon

Ever thought about turning your hobby or talent into extra cash? You could. Here are a few quick tips.

1. Teach What You Know and Love

There is money to be made in teaching others about something that you are familiar with and have some expertise in. You do not have to be the world's most renowned violinist in order to teach violin classes in your spare time.

To teach others in an area you are passionate about will require building your skills in the area of communication, building your knowledge of the field or the product you are teaching about and building relationships. People are looking for instruction in such areas as: dance, art, musical instruments, computer software, dog training, animal care, sailing, canoeing, hunting, self care, and much more.

Let us take a look at some of these areas a little more closely. Dance instruction - The variety of types of dance range from traditional Ballet, Jazz, Swing, and Tap to Hip-Hop, Flamenco, Capoeira, and Belly Dancing.

If you have one you are passionate about and have some talent and knowledge in, then this maybe an option for you. There is someone else out there dreaming of learning a particular type of dance for recreation or professional pursuits, and you could be the one to help them begin to realize this dream.

Musical instruments- This area provides the opportunity to teach adults or children in groups and in schools. To instruct your students you have the flexibility of leading classes in a rented space or the student's homes. In this arena you can also teach students to read and write music as well as play. Your students can perform in the community to help raise awareness about your program while helping them showcase what they have learned.

Teaching for advancement - Others areas to provide instruction would be: to children, in basic academics; teen in LSAT, SAT preparation and high school regents exam topics; and adults, in GRE, GMAT preparation or English and Computers. Adult classes are needed to help many people enter the workforce and advance professionally.

2. Sell information

There is much money to be gained in selling information to people who need it. Why would someone buy information? People do so to simplify or improve their lives; get more out of what they currently have; save money, time and energy; lastly, to get a hold of resources to help them achieve their goals.

This provides an opportunity for individuals who know how to access information and package it in a way that makes it relevant, easy to understand and useable. This is the process of taking raw data and making it tangible, meaningful and of purpose.

To make extra money you can approach information selling in several ways: producing a newsletter, freelance writing, leading how-to classes, image consulting and business consulting. Success in selling information is due to several factors:

Offer hard to find information on a topic that has generated a lot of interest. An example of this would be how to become an actor, i.e. breaking into a field that seems glamorous, yet closed off to outsiders. Information on getting products or services for free, saving money, changing careers, starting businesses, relationships, or getting out of debt are just some of the top topics of interest people will pay for information on.

Information should be written in language that is easy to understand.

Industries such as investment, law and medicine produce information that the general public needs and wants to access, yet they become overwhelmed by the terminology. Topics such as: maximizing your 401k,how not to get sued, how to sue and win, getting your invention patented, understanding your diagnosis, and the like are all possibilities.

Be an expert in your topic. Present the information in a thorough fashion, appearing well-informed and giving people something they have never heard before. Do the research, spend the time and grow in expertise before presenting your information.

In some lifestyle areas we are overloaded with information, therefore, to ensure that your information sells, present it from a different perspective and try to include local brick and mortar services your readers can use. Make the information easy to apply and carry out.

Package the information to sell. Your customers may have no more than 60 seconds to review your product; therefore, you have to catch their eye and fuel interest in your product through its look and the words you choose to use to present the information. Think about whom you are targeting and what their need is.

The information you are selling should help to meet their need, answer common questions and provide steps towards achieving their goal. Make the packaging eye catching, colorful, clear, easy to carry and easy to use.

Lastly being able to get the information, once the customer is convinced to buy it is equally important. Make the product easy to purchase online, by credit card, check or whatever means helps your customers get a hold of what you are selling in a timely manner.

3. Start A Vanity Service

Vanity services are services that help some people live a better quality of life. If you pick up any magazine you will find articles on how to de-stress, have fun and pamper yourself. These articles reflect the desire people have to find more ways to reach their own personal goals while enjoying simple pleasures in life. You as an entrepreneur have the ability to capitalize on this need.

Here are some occupations that meet the public desire for a better quality of life: personal chef, fitness trainer, home organizer and masseuse. Other services include landscaping, interior design and handiwork, which help to improve homes, thereby improving the living conditions of the individual owner.

There are many opportunities to earn money doing what you know and love. You can begin to pursue a part time venture by simply following these three steps: 1) applying your natural talents and abilities; 2) packaging it into a saleable product or service; 3)getting it out into the marketplace to those who need what you have to offer.

Start today. Take inventory of your skills and get out there. Make money now using what you already know and have in hand.

This article is adapted from "The Weekend Entrepreneur: How to Start and Succeed With A Part-Time Business," a book available for purchase at Gessy Nixon “The Entrepreneur and Achievement Coach”. Gessy Nixon is the author of The Weekend Entrepreneur: How To Start And Succeed With A Part Time Business. She is president and founder of Escarment Research and Planning a business and achievement coaching firm, for more information visit


A Mighty Force of Slow Growth
By Vince Runza 

An acorn isn’t much to look at, really. I used to find tons of them as a kid. The wonder that this little “nothing” could become the giant tree that produced it really didn’t hit me until I was at least 10. By then, I had my own garden, and knew full well how long it took a carrot seed to become a little carrot.

Over the years, I’ve been involved in businesses and hobbies that proceeded much the same way. It’s painfully slow at first, with bursts of activity and growth, followed by what appear to be plateaus. I say, “appear to be”, because underneath, things are happening which are not visible to the eye.

Much like a plant sends down roots, seeking water and nourishment, ideas and endeavors need to dive down into the subconscious, the “Matrix”, the whatever-the-hell-it-is that comprises reality.

It’s that might force of slow growth that moves mountains. There’s this mushroom called an Ink Cap. It’s very delicate, doesn’t last more than half a day, wilting in the noonday sun. Yet the underground body of this evanescent growth can crack concrete.

It’s the same for ideas, businesses, creations. On the surface, they’re nothing special. Underneath, they’re changing the foundations of the World as we will perceive it. I heartily encourage you to view your own new ideas, projects, businesses and endeavors as acorns -- with all the potential for growth that a little acorn embodies.

Vince Runza is a publisher of how-to information, an eBay store owner and Internet Marketer. For more information on this article and IM, visit


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