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Business Plan and Start Up Newsletter Issue #1041-Finance Business Plan with Secured Business Loans
May 18, 2007

Business Plan and Start Up Newsletter Issue #1041- Finance Business Plan with Secured Business Loans


Business Plan And Start Up Newsletter
May 2007
Written by Shaunta Pleasant
President, TL Manage Inc.

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Finance Business Plan with Secured Business Loans…

Postcards for Your Business Identity…

A Few Cool Helpful Notes...


Finance Business Plan with Secured Business Loans
By Pamella Scott 

Effective business plan and sufficient finance are the most crucial elements to run a business. And finances are just a blood to business plan, without which the plan can’t be executed. But, the important question is that from where to arrange, the required finances. The best way to arrange the required sum of money for business is through secured business loans.

In secured business loan, the borrower is required to place collateral. The borrower must always try to place high equity collateral in order to procure large sum of money. Another benefit of placing high equity collateral is that, the lender always offer low and better rates.

Secured business loans can be used for the following purposes:

•Starting a business
•Expanding existing business
•Buying machinery and equipments
•Consolidating business debts

Before availing loan, the borrower must try to determine the amount which he is needed to borrow. Along, that he is suggested that he must prepare the financial plan and budget in order to avoid wasteful expenditure.

The borrower is generally asked to fill an enquiry form while availing secured business loans. And, it consists of particulars such as type of collateral placed, value of asset, income flow and the reason for taking business loan.

In secured business loans, the borrower must try to make timely repayment because, failure of making timely repayments can put the asset placed as collateral on risk. In this the lender can seize or sell the collateral in order to realize his due amount of payment.

Due to increasing demand of secured business loans, many lenders are coming up in the financial market to offer secured business loans on competitive rates. But, this doesn’t mean that the borrower should accept an offer without comparing it with other offers.

Therefore, secured business loans have made it possible for a businessman to reach heights in business.

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Postcards for Your Business Identity
By Carla San Gaspar 

If you are into business and you aim for a good name and identity, postcard prints can be a good idea. It is within this means that you are able to draw your companies’ image and build a good name in the market.

Developing business identity for companies is a big means of establishing a good name in the business. This is indeed the most important things that you prefer to have – Make a name in the business through your own identity.

We are all aware that advertising is the most critical and crucial part in every business endeavor. This is a test whether you had dutifully done your part in making your business recognizable in the market. This is also the make or break part of winning the game for your business.

Investing an identity in the market for your business is no longer tricky. You can make use of paper prints in order for you to build your companies identity. One of the most common tools that you can make use of is the postcards.

Before we only see postcards as greeting cards sent to us by our special someone. It shows designs of significant places or pictures of heroic deeds. But because of businesses initiative they had also been an important tool for advertising their products and services. They use it with dual purpose to promote and extend warm greetings.

Using postcards is just like hitting two birds with one stone, seems impossible yet it’s true. And who said that you can never do two things at a time. Well the postcards had been an example of material that be used with a dual purpose.

Typically these postcards can be personalized or custom printed. Customizing them will result to have unique designs that will only stand for your business and will work out for your identity.

One of the advantages of making use of your postcards is that you can choose for a size that will be appropriate for your campaign. With the various sizes and postcard printing orientation you can have it in horizontal or vertical layout print.

For the color printing application you can choose a color that will be symbolically used for your material. The color can also be your business identity. Attractive and brilliant colors can have more chances of grabbing your clients’ attention.

In regards with the printing processes and its production, there are lots of commercial printing companies that will help you design a postcard print that will be appropriate in building your business identity.

What I can only advice you is that choose for a printer that can provide to answer all your postcard printing jobs. This is because the materials that you use will affect the credibility of your business. so in order not to make fun out of your business choose for the right one for you.

Be wise and be a printer oriented in order to achieve the satisfaction that you want for your business!

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