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Business Plan and Start Up Newsletter #10116 SOLO Build It Holiday Special
December 30, 2018

The 2018 Holiday Sale Is Here

Help Elf here, on behalf of the Marketing Team

How would you like to play Santa this year? Well, now you can!

You can see how much thought Ken put into what the 2018 Holiday Sale should look like...

It’s been on his mind for months! (A little light relief from Medic, he says…)

He wanted it to be an extra-special holiday season, so he called on Help Elf to join him in the Hallowed Halls of SiteSell. 

They put their heads together and came up with a holiday sale -- with a twist! They were excited! (Of course, they had been into Forum Queen Debs’s eggnog…

Why such excitement? Because it’s the most popular type of sale, for the most wonderful time of the year.

Yep, it’s…

Buy One SBI!, or SBI! For WP, Get One Free!

(No, sorry, the puppies are not for sale…)

Why puppies if we’re not selling them?

Because, like puppies, Solo Build It! Is not just for Christmas -- it’s for life! The gift that truly keeps on earning!

But wait. We’ve done BOGO sales before. What’s so different about this one?

Well, it’s a BOGO with a twist! 

And the twist is…

If you can’t find someone to take up this special gift within a year, we’ll add 6 months onto the first subscription -- for free! 

Now that is a special offer with a difference!

Ha! You did a double-take, right? Because who could believe that deal? Have Ken and The Elf had just a little too much of that eggnog?

Can it possibly be true?

Yep, it’s true -- and the BOGO With a Twist starts today!

So let’s be clear about what’s on offer…

Buy one annual SBI! subscription, get one free! 

Annual SBI! = $299 for Two
Annual SBI! for WP = $149 for Two

If, after one year, you are unable to gift the bonus subscription, convert it to a 6 month extension on the first SBI! or SBI! for WP.

You know what a life-changer it can be. 

You know the joy of building a business you’re passionate about. The pleasure of spending more time with family and friends. The exciting opportunities it opens up for meeting like-minded colleagues from all over the world, who want nothing more than to help you succeed!

As SBIers we know those feelings. It’s the season to share with others, too!


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