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Business Plan and Start U Newsletter Issue #1066 – Online Marketing Business, the Economy, and You
July 23, 2009


Business Plan And Start Up Newsletter
July 2009
Written by Shaunta Pleasant
President, TL Manage Inc.

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Online Marketing Business, the Economy, and You...

A Few Cool Helpful Notes...



Online Marketing Business, the Economy, and You

Everyone's eyes have been on the gas prices, housing market, Congress, the Federal Reserve, CEO's, bailout loans, and the President.

In other words, everyone is watching the economy to see how it is going to effect not only this country; but themselves, their families, and the world.

We are at a period when a lot of Americans are finding themselves at a huge crossroad in their life. Some are losing their jobs due to cut backs, others, to restructuring, as big corporations try to stay solvent. People have had their entire retirements wiped out by fraudulent schemes.

Bernie Madoff comes to mind. While perusing my email, I came across one that was sent to me showing a young man in combat in Afghanistan.

This young man was elated that he had found a way, not only in these bad economic times, but in the battlefield, to build a successful business, and was so happy for the support he was getting.

Even though he was on the other side of the world, fighting in a war, he was running a successful online marketing business; networking around the world, building a business, and defending out country. As a former Marine, I could not have been more proud of that soldier.

This gave me pause and I came to a conclusion. The online marketing business venture is made up of a whole new set of entrepreneurs.

These are people who may have found themselves out of a job, looking to start an online marketing business, or wanting to be their own boss. The reason isn't important, the fact is they are there.

Others are wondering, "Can I do that? What will people think?" or, "I don't know if that's my bag" etc. After seeing that email the other day, I thought that a lot of people, whether young adults, middle-aged, or older, really need to let their inner entrepreneur out.

They would find that there is a viable economy still out there, and they can be part of the driving force behind it.

Hi, I am John C. Harris. If you were not serious about changing things in your life, you wouldn't be reading this. As I say "If you are going to ride high, you have to get in the saddle first." Now is the time to get serious, click the link and check out
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