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Business Plan and Start Up Newsletter Issue #1039-How to Strategically Place Your Product
March 21, 2007

Business Plan and Start Up Newsletter Issue #1039- How to Strategically Place Your Product So it Sells


Business Plan And Start Up Newsletter
March 2007
Written by Shaunta Pleasant
President, TL Manage Inc.

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How to Strategically Place Your Product So it Sells

Reasons For Starting Your Own Business

A Few Cool Helpful Notes...


How to Strategically Place Your Product So it Sells
By Shane Starr

Entrepreneurs who have a product that is distributed though a traditional outlet channel, often overlook some very vital points to consider before distributing. They are often so worked up that their product is out in the marketplace that they forget to ensure that their product is being seen the right way in the consumer’s eyes.

Along with that, they could be using that inventory better though a channel with a higher turnover. If you have created a product and are planning on beginning placement of your product (or if you already have placed your product), do not overlook these vital questions:


Is there self-image congruency (fit between self-image and store image), Is the store personnel’s lifestyle aligned with the buyer’s. Is there appeal to the appropriate social-class?


Are the products quality? Is there a wide selection or assortment? Is the style or fashion considered innovative or modern?

Customer Service

Is the salesclerk service top-notch or just scraping by? Is merchandise return, delivery service, phone ordering, and credit policies easy for the consumer?


Is the channel conducive to the preferences of my target buyer?
Does it lack accessibility (e.g. elevators and ramps)?
Does it have proper lighting for an effective display?
Does it carry convenience to keep buyers around the product (e.g. air conditioning or rest rooms)?
Is the store layout give a shopper the ease (e.g. aisle placement and width)?
Do the aesthetics match the products of the store (e.g. flooring and architecture)?


Is the location ideal for your target consumer? Is parking accessible and sufficient?

Sales Promotion

Are there enough sales promotions to keep the distributor’s traffic high? Is the store or your product advertised enough? Are there displays with your product or complementary products?

Store Atmosphere

Is there an atmosphere in your distribution channel to keep the buyers in the store and want to come back (e.g. feeling of acceptance, appropriate music for the consumer demographic)?

Distributor Feel and Brand

Is the brand cutting edge and your consumer more conservative? Is the distributor know with a bitter or a stellar reputation?

Post-Transaction Satisfaction

Are the returns and adjustments policies favorable to the buyer? Do the products have guarantees or warranties?

With these criteria set in place you begin to see how the purchase of your product takes on a more favorable experience to the consumer. When the consumer is satisfied, that appeal to others hearing about it will go way up. This can be key to making your product sell.

Shane Starr is currently Director of Marketing for Since the latter part of 2001 has been providing the means for angel investors to link with entrepreneurs with promising business plan ideas. By seeking strong relationships in the angel investor space Cloudstart has sought to become a leader in linking new ideas with start up capital.

The entire venture capital industry has long been a somewhat mysterious place for some entrepreneurs and sometimes a difficult network to break into. Our entire goal at Cloudstart is to give your business plan visibility with as many accredited investors and accredited investing entities as possible.

We seek to build relationships not only with the angel investor group, but also with venture capital firms, private equity firms, and even hedge funds. Our theory is that if we can bring as many sources of capital together as possible, it will increase the likelihood that your business plan gets the needed exposure to help in raising capital.

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Reasons For Starting Your Own Business
By Mabel Van Niekerk 

Most employees reach a stage in their lives when they start thinking about starting their own business. There are many reasons for this and the most common one is that people want to live their lives the way they want to. They do not want a boss telling them what to do.

It is wonderful to get up when you want to and not have to join the throngs in the traffic jams all over town. You can have a sense of freedom knowing that you are in control of your own business, generating an income for yourself.

Often people have been planning getting out of the “rat race” for years but lacked the confidence to do so.

Think about it clearly before embarking on a business of your own. Make a list of all the things you expect to get out of being your own boss. Then make a list of how you will get started in your new venture. If you have never thought about what you would like to do, it is time you started now.

Choose something that you are passionate about otherwise you will not be able to stay focused long enough to make a success of it.

If you cannot decide what it is that you want to do investigate the possibility of starting a business on line. Even if you do not have much knowledge of the internet browse through the sites and check the help sections and you will learn as you go.

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