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Business Plan and Start Up Newsletter Issue #1042-Discover Your Passion and Find Success
June 20, 2007

Business Plan and Start Up Newsletter Issue #1042- Discover Your Passion and Find Success


Business Plan And Start Up Newsletter
June 2007
Written by Shaunta Pleasant
President, TL Manage Inc.

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Discover Your Passion and Find Success

ABC of WHY You Should Consider Starting An Internet Home Based Business

A Few Cool Helpful Notes...


Discover Your Passion and Find Success!
By Kenneth Brown

Donald Trump has it! Oprah Winfrey talks about it! Jack Welch embodies it! Steve Jobs lives it! Millions of people bought a book searching for it! Your success may depend on it! So, what is it? It is passion!!

Do you know what passion is? More importantly, do you know what YOUR passion is?

There are clues. That is, if you are open to it. Look within yourself and you will discover your passion. You exhibit passion when your eyes light up as you talk about your favorite topic! You experience it, watching your favorite television program or listening to your favorite radio show! It is staying up all night or spending an entire weekend working on a favorite project!

Passion is what you enjoy doing or reading. It is what you feel drawn to: an experience or a particular topic of interest. It is what you dream about. When you close your eyes, it is what you dream about becoming.

Simply, it is what you enjoy doing. It does not matter what friends, associates or family say about you. You remain determined to “stay the course”. Some may seek to discredit you or even joke or laugh at you.

You are certain that this is what you were born to do! You know it in your heart and soul! It does not matter because you are passionate about what you do! More importantly, it is what you are successful at doing! If you have a passion for something and can do it well. That is the ultimate dream!

There is a quote that says that some people “die” long before they are dead and buried. This means that some of us surrender to living “normal and routine” lives and never pursue our passion in life. Why?

There are several reasons. First, We never discover our passion because we are afraid of failure. Second, some of us have economic constraints. Third, others just cannot afford to pursue our dreams.

Lastly, others ignore their dreams because of family or social peer pressure. What would my family or friends think or say about me? Neal Boortz, a famous radio talk show host says, “Life is not a dress rehearsal”. You only have one life. It is YOU who must live your life and no one else!

Why not live your life, pursuing your passion? If you pursue it, you will become an expert and successful. You will understand your business. You will know your clients and their challenges, needs and concerns. Any objections will be opportunities to excel and not retreat. A passionate person welcomes adversity and competition. She believes that she is the best!!

People are attracted to passionate people. Millions of people watch billionaire Donald Trump on the popular television show: The Apprentice. Oprah Winfrey is one America’s favorite talk show hosts and very wealthy.

There is no denying that Jack Welch (former CEO of General Electric), Steve Jobs (Apple Computers), Michael Jordan (NBA super star), Warren Buffet (Billionaire and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway) and Bill Gates (Microsoft) are passionate about what they do! They have made billions and millions doing it!

Without a doubt, people who are passionate become successful. It is one of the essential ingredients for success. It may be the difference between being average and becoming an icon in your industry.

Becoming passionate, will give you the strength and faith to overcome obstacles and hardships. It attracts the best employees. It will help you beat your competition and win the big sale! Stephanie Wilson, mission specialist for NASA, said, “Your passion is your destiny”.

Who would you rather work with: a person with the enthusiasm and energy or a person who runs his business like a job or hobby? Given a choice, most people will choose the person with passion!! In this competitive world, in order to win in business you must discover how YOU are unique.

Who do you know that is passionate about what she does? What is YOUR passion? Are you living a passionate life? Finding your passion is the first step and the key that can open the door to a successful and satisfying life. You only have one life. Live it! Become the best! Find your passion and discover success!

Kenneth D. Brown is President and CEO of E3 Capital Resources, LLC (E3C), a business development company that specializes in business success systems, leadership, sales, communication and technology.

Ken is a passionate entrepreneur and coach. He embraces the servant leadership philosophy and serves as a catalyst for free enterprise, small business and economic development. Ken works with growth–oriented companies in technology, healthcare, manufacturing, financial and business services industries.

E3C stands for Entrepreneurship, Empowerment, Evolution, Connect, Collaborate and Create.... as in greater opportunities for all entrepreneurs worldwide!

Check out the company website: and Ken's Blog:


ABC of WHY You Should Consider Starting An Internet Home Based Business
By JY Chia

A- Attractive

Starting a home based business is very attractive because of the many benefits.

Of which TIME and MONEY are the main two.

TIME, if you are living in planet Earth, you are entitled to 24 hours.

And most of us ALWAYS complain that we need more time!

With a home based business, you will need more time,


You set it up on autopilot which has been achieved by many ordinary individuals who are living the internet lifestyle.

People who have done it are having quality time for their family, for recreation and they are living the life that they have always dreamed of.

Next, MONEY.

It has been clarified that,

“the LACK of money is the root of all evil.”

Running an internet home based business has one of the lowest overhead, as compared to traditional business.

And once you set it up correctly, You literally have a ready ATM machine loaded with cash at your disposal.

B- Be a Boss and Own A Business

It is a business!

Most of us wants to be our own bosses, and with the internet, it has made it possible for ordinary people like you and me to start a business, and be our own bosses!

If you can treat the low overhead like how you would treat a million dollar investment in traditional businesses, learn from mentors who are where we want to be, and move in the right direction.

I have every confidence that you will succeed if you believe!

C- Convenience

In this fast paced society, it is all about SPEED, SPEED and SPEED.

We want things fast, we even want our food fast, and that’s how fast food came about.

With the speed of the internet, by using broadband, your business will be visible to not only your community but the BILLIONS of population online!

And isn’t it great to wake up when we choose to and not when the alarm clock rings?

And isn’t it marvellous to work in your pyjamas?

Forget about the irritating long hours spend on fighting the traffic, you will be enjoying a nice breakfast at home at your own time while checking your emails for cheques coming in.

This is the ABC of WHY you should consider starting a home based business on the internet.

Quick recap:

-A: Attractive

-B: Boss & Business

-C: Convenience

Are you ready to take action? Make This A Reality For You!

JY Chia is an Expert in Helping People to Earn Additional Income by Starting a Part Time Internet Business. Further recommended resources please visit my Website at and my Blog at


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