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Business Plan and Start U Newsletter Issue #1059 – Business Strategy - Writing A Non Profit Business
November 19, 2008

Business Plan And Start Up Newsletter
November 2008
Written by Shaunta Pleasant
President, TL Manage Inc.

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Writing A Non Profit Business Plan

A  Few Cool Helpful Notes...


Writing A Non Profit Business Plan

A detailed and complete business plan is an essential first step toward getting any new business up and running, and this is true even for a new non-profit business.

==A Non Profit Business Plan Is Needed==

Whether you are starting a profit or not for profit business, the business plan is one of the most important documents any business produces. Just because the business is not for profit does not mean that a thorough business plan will not be needed.

==What Should Be Included In Your Non Profit Business plan==

It is still important for the not for profit business plan to include the mission plan of the business, the experience of the key team members, and a detailed description of what the non-profit does and what services it will provide to the public.

It is also important for the business plan to describe the challenges and opportunities that the non-profit business expects to face in the early years of its existence.

==A Business Plan Is Essential As The Business Grows==

Of course the importance of a business plan does not end at the startup phase of the not for profit company.

A solid business plan will also be essential as the business grows and changes. A business plan will be needed any time financing is required.

This can include such times as when the business needs to move to a new location, when it needs to purchase additional equipment and even when it needs to hire significant numbers of staff members.

It is important for the management team of the not for profit company to keep the business plan up to date as the company continues to grow.

==A Non Profit Business Plan Can Help Attract Outside Financing And Partners==

As a matter of fact, the business plan is not just an important and vital tool for attracting outside financing and partnerships.

It is also a valuable management tool that can be used to grow the skill set of any management team. By its very nature, a business plan forces team members to think long term, and to examine where the company has been and where it is going.

The business plan is a great way to examine the not for profit business and help it to grow and prosper in the future.

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