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Business Plan and Start U Newsletter Issue #1061 – Business Strategy -  The Vital Impact Of The Cash
December 17, 2008

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Business Plan And Start Up Newsletter
December 2008
Written by Shaunta Pleasant
President, TL Manage Inc.

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The Vital Impact Of The Cash Flow Statement

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The Vital Impact Of The Cash Flow Statement

Just about every nine to five worker has dreamed of starting his or her own business and taking charge of their financial future.

Taking charge and creating a successful new business is the dream of many people, but all too few of us having the courage it takes to succeed at this important challenge.

==Preparing For This New Facet Of Your Life==

For those who do dare, however, the rewards of business ownership and being an entrepreneur are great indeed, not just in terms of money and financial matters but also in terms of job satisfaction.

It is important, however, to carefully prepare for this new facet of your life, and to learn all you can about what it takes to start a successful business and keep it successful for the long term.

==Getting Your Business Ready For Success==

Even those would be entrepreneurs with a business background may need to take some additional business courses, or find a good business mentor, in order to prepare the many business documents that will be needed to get the startup funding needed to start a new business.

Every new business will need a solid business plan and financial statement before getting started, and as the business moves forward the cash flow statement will become incredibly important as well.

==Making Your Cash Flow Count==

The cash flow statement, of course, is a detailed listing of the cash coming into the business, and the cash going out of the business. The cash flow statement is one of the most important considerations for any business.

If the cash flow is not sufficient, there will not be enough cash on hand to pay employees, suppliers and other creditors. A business that does not have sufficient cash flow may find itself relying on high interest sources of loans and financing, and it is important to address any cash flow shortfalls at once.

==Examining The Cash Flow Statement On An Ongoing Basis==

Keeping an eye on the monthly cash flow statement is one of the most important jobs the business owner has. Just about every type of business has some form of seasonality, and it is important for the business owner to carefully plan for those slow times, and adjust expenditures accordingly.

Examining the cash flow statement on an ongoing basis is probably the best way to establish the cash flow trends of the business and to make the necessary adjustments going forward.

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